Garry Staunton Associates

Garry Staunton Associates Limited is a private limited company, registered in England and Wales with number 7654091.

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Due Diligence

Companies seeking to raise the funds necessary to support the

Development of their idea need to be able to clearly and concisely

demonstrate that they have a well thought through and investable

business plan.  GSA has helped companies develop such plans and provided potential VC investors with get insightful and focused technology due diligence analysis.

Fund Raising

GSA staff have extensive experience of working with teams to prepare cases for project or programme funding.

Technology Review

GSA has an extensive track record in undertaking technology reviews at project, company and sector levels.

GSA have undertaken reviews for commercial clients and organisations such as Innovate UK, BIS, DECC, ETI and the UK research councils. GSA founder Garry Staunton is an experienced research manager who sits on a variety of strategic programme boards and advisory groups giving him unrivalled insight into UK innovation capability and activity.

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